Heritage Pipe Organs Current Projects

Saint Patrick Church, Erie PA
Heritage Pipe Organs is currently rebuilding the 1906 Felgemaker, Opus 901.  We are instituting a new layout design that will feature new wind chests, reservoirs, and expression boxes. 
The original pipework, including facade pipes, is being taken out, cleaned, and repaired.  Heritage is providing St. Patrick with a new console, crafted to match the interior of the church, which will utilize a new solid state control system.
It will feature new keyboards, drawknob stop controls, pedalboard, and adjustable bench. The organ is being prepared for future additions.

First Lutheran Church, Warren PA
The Moller organ and console are being updated with new solid state switching and combination action. The 3-manual console will be updated with new keyboards, drawknobs, pedalboard, and bench.  The new system will feature 100 memory levels, record-playback, and MIDI capability

All Saints Roman Catholic Parish, Lockport NY
Heritage is replacing the much distressed Great division pipework with a principal chorus of historic Wicks pipework.
Two new ranks, a trumpet and string, will be crafted and installed as well.

St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church, Erie PA
Re-Leathering stoppered pipes of the Tellers-Kent organ.

State University of New York, Fredonia NY
Installation of a new ICS-4000 solid state switching system and combination action in the college's concert instrument. 
The new system benefits organ students with its 100 levels of memory, piston sequencer, record-playback, and programmable sforzando and crescendo.  The system is MIDI capable. 

Church of the Apostles, North Tonawanda NY
Schlicker unit organ installed with new expression box, and console updated with new solid state switching, combination action and stop tabs.
The organ is now complete with a set of new string pipes not included in the original installation.


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